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Sozin Flora Pharma


Sozin Flora Pharma is an EU GMP approved plant with a capacity over 1bn tablets and capsules per annum. This facility is fully equipped to meet all export needs. We manufacture general tablets and capsules here. The facility also hosts a dedicated Formulations and Development wing, this enables us to formulate new and innovative combinations to provide you an edge over the competition in your market. We are already manufacturing an extensive list of products catering to : 


  • Diabetic Care

  • Cardiac Care

  • Pain Management

  • Gastro Care

  • Respiratory Care

  • Weight Management

  • Anti Virals

  • Anti Convulsants

  • NeuroPsychiatry

  • Others


Our experienced team will give you the best consultation and a customized solution to penetrate your market. 




Available Product Dossiers

Available Product Dossiers

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